2022 Zabbix中国峰会
2022 Zabbix中国峰会
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> Event object

The following objects are directly related to the event API.以下对象与“事件”API直接相关。

Event 事件

Events are created by the Zabbix server and cannot be modified via the API.事件由Zabbix服务器创建,不能通过API进行修改。

The event object has the following properties.事件对象具有以下属性。

参数 类 描述
eventid string ID of the event.事件的ID
source integer Type of the event. 事件的类型

Possible values: 可能的值:
0 - event created by a trigger; 由触发器创建的事件
1 - event created by a discovery rule;由发现规则创建的事件;
2 - event created by active agent auto-registration;活动代理自动注册创建的事件;
3 - internal event.内部事件
object integer Type of object that is related to the event.与事件相关的对象类型。

Possible values for trigger events:触发事件的可能值:
0 - trigger.触发器

Possible values for discovery events: 发现事件的可能值:
1 - discovered host;发现主机
2 - discovered service. 发现服务

Possible values for auto-registration events:自动注册事件的可能值:
3 - auto-registered host. 自动注册的主机

Possible values for internal events: 内部事件的可能值:
0 - trigger;触发器
4 - item; 项
5 - LLD rule.LLD规则。
objectid string ID of the related object.相关对象的ID。
acknowledged integer Whether the event has been acknowledged.事件是否被确认
clock timestamp Time when the event was created. 事件创建时间
ns integer Nanoseconds when the event was created.事件创建时的纳秒。
value integer State of the related object.相关对象的状态

Possible values for trigger events:触发事件的可能值:
0 - OK; 正常
1 - problem. 异常

Possible values for discovery events:发现事件的可能值:
0 - host or service up;主机或服务正常
1 - host or service down;机或服务故障
2 - host or service discovered;主机或服务发现;
3 - host or service lost.主机或服务丢失。

Possible values for internal events: 内部事件的可能值:
0 - "normal" state;“正常”状态
1 - "unknown" or "not supported" state. “未知”或“不支持”状态。

This parameter is not used for active agent auto-registration events.此参数不用于活动代理自动注册事件。
r_eventid string Recovery event ID恢复事件ID
c_eventid string Problem event ID who generated OK event 生成OK事件的问题事件ID
correlationid string Correlation ID 关联ID
userid string User ID if the event was manually closed. 事件被手动关闭时的用户ID。