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> Template screen object模板聚合图形对象

The following objects are directly related to the templatescreen API 以下对象是与templatescreen API有直接关系.

Template screen模板聚合图形

The template screen object has the following properties模板聚合图形对象具有以下属性.

Property参数 Type类型 Description说明
screenid string (readonly) ID of the template screen模板聚合图形的ID.
string Name of the template screen模板聚合图形的名称.
string ID of the template that the screen belongs to聚合图形所属模板的ID.
hsize integer Width of the template screen模板聚合图形的宽度.

Default: 1
vsize integer Height of the template screen模板聚合图形的高度.

Default: 1