2022 Zabbix中国峰会
2022 Zabbix中国峰会

> Trigger object触发器对象

The following objects are directly related to the trigger API以下是 trigger API 的使用方法.


The trigger object has the following properties触发器对象具有以下属性.

Property参数 T pe类型 Des ription说明
triggerid string (readonly) ID of the trigger触发器的ID.
string Name of the trigger触发器的名称.
string Reduced trigger expression生成触发表达式.
comments string Additional comments to the trigger触发器的附加注释.
error string (readonly) Error text if there have been any problems when updating the state of the trigger如果在更新触发器的状态时出现任何问题,则显示文本错误.
flags integer (readonly) Origin of the trigger.原始的触发器

Possible values are可能的值是:
0 - (default) a plain trigger一个常用触发器;
4 - a discovered trigger一个被发现的触发器.
lastchange timestamp (readonly) Time when the trigger last changed its state触发器最后更改其状态的时间.
priority integer Severity of the trigger触发器的严重性级别.

Possible values are可能的值为:
0 - (default) not classified未分类;
1 - information信息;
2 - warning警告;
3 - average一般严重;
4 - high严重;
5 - disaster灾难.
state integer (readonly) State of the trigger触发状态.

Possible values可能的值为:
0 - (default) trigger state is up to date触发器状态是最新的;
1 - current trigger state is unknown当前的触发器状态是未知的.
status integer Whether the trigger is enabled or disabled触发器是启用还是禁用.

Possible values are可能的值为:
0 - (default) enabled启用;
1 - disabled禁用.
templateid string (readonly) ID of the parent template trigger主模板触发器的ID.
type integer Whether the trigger can generate multiple problem events触发器是否可以生成多个问题事件.

Possible values are可能的值为:
0 - (default) do not generate multiple events不生成多个事件;
1 - generate multiple events生成多个事件.
url string URL associated with the trigger与触发器相关联的URL.
value integer (readonly) Whether the trigger is in OK or problem state触发器是否处于OK或问题状态.

Possible values are可能的值为:
0 - (default) OK正常;
1 - problem有问题.
recovery_mode integer OK event generation mode OK事件生成模式.

Possible values are可能的值为:
0 - (default) Expression表达式;
1 - Recovery expression恢复表达式;
2 - None无.
recovery_expression string Reduced trigger recovery expression生成触发器恢复表达式.
correlation_mode integer OK event closes OK事件关闭.

Possible values are可能的值为:
0 - (default) All problems所有问题;
1 - All problems if tag values match标签值匹配时的所有问题.
correlation_tag string Tag for matching用于匹配的标签.
manual_close integer Allow manual close允许手动关闭.

Possible values are可能的值为:
0 - (default) No不可以;
1 - Yes可以.