2022 Zabbix中国峰会
2022 Zabbix中国峰会

> Item prototype object

The following objects are directly related to the itemprototype API.以下对象与“itemprototype”API直接相关。

Item prototype

The item prototype object has the following properties.Item prototype对象具有以下属性。

属性 类 说明
itemid string (readonly) item prototype的ID.
string Update interval of the item prototype. Accepts seconds or time unit with suffix and with or without one or more custom intervals that consist of either flexible intervals and scheduling intervals as serialized strings. Also accepts user macros and LLD macros. Flexible intervals could be written as two macros separated by a forward slash. Intervals are separated by a semicolon.更新item prototype的间隔。 接受具有后缀的秒或时间单位,并且具有或不具有由灵活间隔和调度间隔组成的一个或多个自定义间隔作为串行化字符串。还接受用户宏和LLD宏。 灵活的间隔可以写成两个由正斜杠分隔的宏。 间隔用分号分隔。
string ID of the host that the item prototype belongs to.item prototype所属的主机的ID
string ID of the item prototype's host interface. Used only for host item prototypes.item prototypes的主机接口的ID。 仅用于主机item prototypes

Optional for Zabbix agent (active), Zabbix internal, Zabbix trapper, Zabbix aggregate, database monitor and calculated item prototypes.可选的Zabbix代理(活动),Zabbix内部,Zabbix陷阱,Zabbix聚合,数据库监视和计算item prototypes。
string Item prototype key.
string Name of the item prototype.item prototypes的名称
integer Type of the item prototype. item prototypes的类型

Possible values: 可能的值
0 - Zabbix agent;
1 - SNMPv1 agent;
2 - Zabbix trapper;
3 - simple check;
4 - SNMPv2 agent;
5 - Zabbix internal;
6 - SNMPv3 agent;
7 - Zabbix agent (active);
8 - Zabbix aggregate;
10 - external check;
11 - database monitor;
12 - IPMI agent;
13 - SSH agent;
14 - TELNET agent;
15 - calculated;
16 - JMX agent;
17 - SNMP trap.
integer Type of information of the item prototype. item prototypes信息类别

Possible values:可能的值:
0 - numeric float;
1 - character;
2 - log;
3 - numeric unsigned;
4 - text.
authtype integer SSH authentication method. Used only by SSH agent item prototypes.

Possible values:
0 - (default) password;
1 - public key.
data_type integer Data type of the item prototype. item prototypes的数据类别

Possible values: 可能的值
0 - (default) decimal;
1 - octal;
2 - hexadecimal;
3 - boolean.
delta integer Value that will be stored.将被存储的值。

Possible values:可能的值
0 - (default) as is;
1 - Delta, speed per second;
2 - Delta, simple change.
description string Description of the item prototype.item prototype说明
formula integer/float Custom multiplier.

Default: 1.
history string A time unit of how long the history data should be stored. Also accepts user macro and LLD macro.历史数据应该存储多长时间的单位。 还接受用户宏和LLD宏。

Default: 90d.
ipmi_sensor string IPMI sensor. Used only by IPMI item prototypes.IPMI传感器 仅由IPMI item prototypes使用。
logtimefmt string Format of the time in log entries. Used only by log item prototypes.日志条目中的时间格式。 仅用于日志item prototypes
multiplier integer Whether to use a custom multiplier. 是否使用自定义乘数。
params string Additional parameters depending on the type of the item prototype: 附加参数取决于item prototype: 的类型:
- executed script for SSH and Telnet item prototypes;执行SSH和Telnet item prototypes的脚本;
- SQL query for database monitor item prototypes; SQL查询数据库监视item prototypes;
- formula for calculated item prototypes. 计算item prototypes.的公式。
password string Password for authentication. Used by simple check, SSH, Telnet, database monitor and JMX item prototypes.认证密码。 用于简单检查,SSH,Telnet,数据库监控和JMX item prototypes。
port string Port monitored by the item prototype. Used only by SNMP items prototype.items prototype监控的端, 仅由SNMP items prototype使用。
privatekey string Name of the private key file.私钥文件的名称。
publickey string Name of the public key file. 公钥文件的名称
snmp_community string SNMP community.

Used only by SNMPv1 and SNMPv2 item prototypes. 仅由SNMPv1和SNMPv2 item prototypes使用。
snmp_oid string SNMP OID.
snmpv3_authpassphrase string SNMPv3 auth passphrase. Used only by SNMPv3 item prototypes. NMPv3 auth passphrase。 仅用于SNMPv3 item prototypes。
snmpv3_authprotocol integer SNMPv3 authentication protocol. Used only by SNMPv3 items. SNMPv3认证协议 仅用于SNMPv3 items。

Possible values:可能的值:
0 - (default) MD5;
1 - SHA.
snmpv3_contextname string SNMPv3 context name. Used only by SNMPv3 item prototypes. SNMPv3上下文名称。 仅用于SNMPv3 item prototypes.。
snmpv3_privpassphrase string SNMPv3 priv passphrase. Used only by SNMPv3 item prototypes. SNMPv3 priv密码。 仅用于SNMPv3 item prototypes。
snmpv3_privprotocol integer SNMPv3 privacy protocol. Used only by SNMPv3 items. SNMPv3隐私协议。 仅用于SNMPv3项目。

Possible values:可能的值
0 - (default) DES;
1 - AES.
snmpv3_securitylevel integer SNMPv3 security level. Used only by SNMPv3 item prototypes.

Possible values:
0 - noAuthNoPriv;
1 - authNoPriv;
2 - authPriv.
snmpv3_securityname string SNMPv3 security name. Used only by SNMPv3 item prototypes.
status integer Status of the item prototype.

Possible values:
0 - (default) enabled item prototype;
1 - disabled item prototype;
3 - unsupported item prototype.
templateid string (readonly) ID of the parent template item prototype.
trapper_hosts string Allowed hosts. Used only by trapper item prototypes.
trends string A time unit of how long the trends data should be stored. Also accepts user macro and LLD macro.

Default: 365d.
units string Value units.
username string Username for authentication. Used by simple check, SSH, Telnet, database monitor and JMX item prototypes.

Required by SSH and Telnet item prototypes.
valuemapid string ID of the associated value map.