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4 Host dashboards


Host dashboards look similar to global dashboards, however, host dashboards display data about the host only. Host dashboards have no owner.

Host dashboards are configured on the template level and then are generated for a host, once the template is linked to the host. Widgets of host dashboards can only be copied to host dashboards of the same template. Widgets from global dashboards cannot be copied onto host dashboards.

Host dashboards cannot be configured or directly accessed in the MonitoringDashboard section, which is reserved for global dashboards. The ways to access host dashboards are listed below in this section.

When viewing host dashboards you may switch between the configured dashboards using the dropdown in the upper right corner. To switch to Monitoring→Hosts section, click All hosts navigation link below the dashboard name in the upper left corner.

Widgets of the host dashboards cannot be edited.

Note that host dashboards used to be host screens before Zabbix 5.2. When importing an older template containing screens, the screen import will be ignored.

Accessing host dashboards

Access to host dashboards is provided:

  • From the host menu that is available in many frontend locations:
    • click on the host name and then select Dashboards from the drop-down menu

  • When searching for a host name in global search:
    • click on the Dashboards link provided in search results
  • When clicking on a host name in InventoryHosts:
    • click on the Dashboards link provided