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17 What's new in Zabbix 5.4.12

Zabbix agent 2 active check configuration

A new optional configuration parameter ForceActiveChecksOnStart has been added to Zabbix agent 2. Setting the parameter to ForceActiveChecksOnStart=1 will ensure item data for active checks is collected immediately upon Zabbix agent restart, except for items with Scheduling update interval. Otherwise, the first data collection after an agent restart will happen at random time, which is less than item update interval, to prevent spikes in resource usage.

It is also possible to set this option only for a specific plugin by using Plugins.<PluginName>.ForceActiveChecksOnStart (for example, Plugins.Uptime.ForceActiveChecksOnStart=1). If set, a plugin-level parameter will override the global setting.

PostgreSQL metrics

A new item has been added to PostgreSQL plugin for Zabbix agent 2. The metric pgsql.queries is used for monitoring query execution time.

The template PostgreSQL by Zabbix agent 2 has been updated and now will check the number of slow queries and generate a problem if the amount exceeds a threshold.

Keyboard navigation

Keyboard control has been implemented for info icons in the frontend. Thus it is now possible to focus on info icons, and open the hints, using the keyboard.