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Виджеты панели


This section provides the details of parameters that are common for dashboard widgets.

Common parameters

The following parameters are common for every single widget:

Name Enter a widget name.
Refresh interval Configure default refresh interval. Default refresh intervals for widgets range from No refresh to 15 minutes depending on the type of widget. For example: No refresh for URL widget, 1 minute for action log widget, 15 minutes for clock widget.
Show header Mark the checkbox to show the header permanently.
When unchecked the header is hidden to save space and only slides up and becomes visible again when the mouse is positioned over the widget, both in view and edit modes. It is also semi-visible when dragging a widget to a new place.

Refresh intervals for a widget can be set to a default value for all the corresponding users and also each user can set his own refresh interval value:

  • To set a default value for all the corresponding users switch to editing mode (click the Edit dashboard button, find the right widget, click the Edit button opening the editing form of a widget), and choose the required refresh interval from the dropdown list.
  • Setting a unique refresh interval for each user separately is possible in view mode by clicking the button for a certain widget.

Unique refresh interval set by a user has priority over the widget setting and once it's set it's always preserved when the widget's setting is modified.

To see specific parameters for each widget, go to individual widget pages for:

Устаревшие виджеты:

Устаревшие виджеты будут удалены в предстоящем крупном релизе.