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9 Zabbix web service


Zabbix web service is a process that is used for communication with external web services.

This section lists parameters supported in Zabbix web service configuration file (zabbix_web_service.conf). Note that:

  • The default values reflect process defaults, not the values in the shipped configuration files;
  • Zabbix supports configuration files only in UTF-8 encoding without BOM;
  • Comments starting with "#" are only supported at the beginning of the line.

Parameter details


A list of comma delimited IP addresses, optionally in CIDR notation, or DNS names of Zabbix servers and Zabbix proxies. Incoming connections will be accepted only from the hosts listed here.
If IPv6 support is enabled then, ::, ::ffff: are treated equally and ::/0 will allow any IPv4 or IPv6 address. can be used to allow any IPv4 address.


Mandatory: yes


Specify the debug level:
0 - basic information about starting and stopping of Zabbix processes
1 - critical information;
2 - error information;
3 - warnings;
4 - for debugging (produces lots of information);
5 - extended debugging (produces even more information).

Default: 3
Range: 0-5


The service will listen on this port for connections from the server.

Default: 10053
Range: 1024-32767


The name of the log file.



Mandatory: Yes, if LogType is set to file; otherwise no


The maximum size of a log file in MB.
0 - disable automatic log rotation.
Note: If the log file size limit is reached and file rotation fails, for whatever reason, the existing log file is truncated and started anew.

Default: 1
Range: 0-1024


The type of the log output:
file - write log to the file specified by LogFile parameter;
system - write log to syslog;
console - write log to standard output.

Default: file


Spend no more than Timeout seconds on processing.

Default: 3
Range: 1-30


What incoming connections to accept:
unencrypted - accept connections without encryption (default)
cert - accept connections with TLS and a certificate

Default: unencrypted


The full pathname of the file containing the top-level CA(s) certificates for peer certificate verification, used for encrypted communications between Zabbix components.


The full pathname of the file containing the service certificate or certificate chain, used for encrypted communications with Zabbix components.


The full pathname of the file containing the service private key, used for encrypted communications between Zabbix components.