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2 Trigger prototypes


In this section the configured trigger prototypes of a low-level discovery rule on the template are displayed.

If the template is linked to the host, trigger prototypes will become the basis of creating real host triggers during low-level discovery.

Displayed data:

Column Description
Name Name of the trigger prototype, displayed as a blue link.
Clicking on the name opens the trigger prototype configuration form.
If the trigger prototype belongs to a linked template, the template name is displayed before the trigger name, as a gray link. Clicking on the template link will open the trigger prototype list on the linked template level.
Operational data Format of the operational data of the trigger is displayed, containing arbitrary strings and macros that will resolve dynamically in MonitoringProblems.
Create enabled Create the trigger based on this prototype as:
Yes - enabled
No - disabled. You can switch between 'Yes' and 'No' by clicking on them.
Discover Discover the trigger based on this prototype:
Yes - discover
No - do not discover. You can switch between 'Yes' and 'No' by clicking on them.
Tags Tags of the trigger prototype are displayed.

To configure a new trigger prototype, click on the Create trigger prototype button at the top right corner.

Mass editing options

Buttons below the list offer some mass-editing options:

  • Create enabled - create these triggers as Enabled
  • Create disabled - create these triggers as Disabled
  • Mass update - mass update these trigger prototypes
  • Delete - delete these trigger prototypes

To use these options, mark the checkboxes before the respective trigger prototypes, then click on the required button.