ZABBIX goes into Japanese Market

ZABBIX goes into Japanese Market

The Japanese company NTTCom Technology Corporation (hereafter NTTCom Techno) and ZABBIX SIA of the Republic of Latvia are pleased to announce that they join forces in order to introduce ZABBIX, an enterprise-class open source distributed network management system (NMS), at Japanese market.

Upon conclusion of the Partnership Agreement with ZABBIX SIA NTTCom Techno has become its Certified Partner and the first company in Japan providing overall support for the ZABBIX system with the main focus on the needs of Japanese corporations. The local trademark of ZABBIX is ZABICOM, and the system has already won a certain market segment under this brand.

The demand for management of the service conditions of IT environments as a total system triggered the development of professionally oriented ZABBIX NMS, which is capable of displaying all the system conditions in an integrated, easy-to-understand fashion. It is designed for on-site use by real businesses for monitoring of numerous network parameters, the health and integrity of servers and services. NTTCom Techno offers ZABICOM-J, which is an enhanced version of ZABICOM especially recommended for Japanese customers wishing to use the open source ZABICOM in Japan.

The key features of ZABICOM and ZABICOM-J are following:

  • The diagnostic logic is to issue warnings based on the knowledge and know-how of system administrators thus making high level monitoring processing possible.
  • The NMS possesses a sophisticated visual display, which makes the most of its web-based monitoring screen. Unlike most commercially licensed monitoring systems, the GPL-licensed ZABICOM can help to reduce the initial costs significantly;
  • A special ZABICOM-J function is generation of reports for Japanese users in the local language.

With the combination of the partnership with ZABBIX SIA and advanced skills and knowledge of own ZABBIX specialists NTTCom Techno perfected its support package in response to the customers needs, including installation and configuration support for ZABICOM and ZABCOM-J, operation training and after-installation support consisting of the primary help desks services in Japanese, bug repairs, function enhancement, software update work and customization for ZABICOM andZABICOM-J software etc.

About NTTCom Techno

NTTCom Techno is a total system engineering and outsourcing company that consistently develops businesses ranging from system solution consulting to system design, installation, maintenance operations and information security operations that support the sustainable growth of enterprise information networks.

NTT Comtechno is the wholly owned subsidiary of NTT Communications Corporation, which delivers high-quality voice, data and IP service to customers around the world.

For more information about NTTCom Technology kindly visit (Japanese) or (English).


ZABBIX SIA is based in Riga, Latvia. The company provides technical and consultative support, ZABBIX integration, implementation and customized development services as well as ZABBIX training. The main focus is on a flexible approach to the customers needs and the ability to deliver first-class services at affordable prices. For more information about ZABBIX SIA please see

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