The story behind Zabbix 

Our story is one of audacious aspirations and unyielding determination. It began with a small group of passionate individuals who dared to challenge the status quo of monitoring solutions. Led by Alexei Vladishev and fueled by a shared vision, they embarked on a journey to create an open-source solution that would allow organizations to take their businesses to the next level by helping their IT infrastructures run flawlessly. Through countless hours of development, collaboration, and unwavering commitment, Zabbix emerged as an industry trailblazer by offering a robust, scalable, and flexible monitoring solution that continues to transcend boundaries.

Our story continues to unfold, driven by the relentless pursuit of excellence and a profound belief in the transformative power of monitoring technology.

We are headquartered in Latvia, but over the years we have added offices in the USA, Brazil, Mexico, and Japan.

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Our team

“Zabbix was born out of the belief that monitoring should be powerful yet accessible to all. Our dedicated team and vibrant community, have tirelessly contributed to the development of a robust monitoring solution that empowers organizations worldwide. We are committed to continuously innovating and evolving our product to meet the ever-changing needs of our customers.”

Alexei Vladishev, Zabbix SIA/LLC CEO, Founder

“At Zabbix Japan, we take immense pride in our product's impact on the Japanese market, transforming businesses and delivering unparalleled visibility, reliability, and actionable insights. We are devoted to upholding the highest quality standards, enabling our users in Japan and beyond to confidently rely on Zabbix to optimize their operations and achieve their goals."

Kodai Terashima, Zabbix Japan CEO

“Being part of Zabbix is like being connected to everything at once. Our platform is highly versatile, allowing us to navigate through businesses of all sectors and sizes in various regions of the world. As a professional, I learn new things in every meeting with our clients and partners. And as a company, we connect with market needs to make Zabbix even better with each new version.”

Zabbix Latam

Our team is a dynamic and thriving community of dedicated professionals. Our people are at the heart of everything we do, whether it's orchestrating a conference, addressing monitoring challenges, revamping training programs, or preparing for a new release.

Zabbix team 2022

Join us as we shape the future of monitoring,
one chapter at a time.

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Awards and certificates

We were named the best employer of 2022 in the field of information and communication services

Our information security management system has been audited and found to meet international standards

We were named the April 2020 Customers’ Choice for IT Infrastructure Monitoring Tools on Gartner Peer Insights