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Monitoring of integrated IT machines and devices in the hospitals is not only a very important process, but sometimes even critical for saving peoples’ lives. Imagine emergency cases when every second of them takes to receive a patient’s health data & statistics, which may be a question of life or death. Reliable monitoring solution makes the necessary data flow as fast as possible and saves time of specialists for other important lifesaving procedures.

Each medical institution has hundreds of devices and equipment that help to control and show the present condition of patient’s health. Needless to say that the monitoring of these devices and prompt notification in case of any failures or drop-downs is vital.

Another important purpose of monitoring process within healthcare & medicine industries is to prevent any cash losses that can be saved for the medical institutions’ development and support for people in need. In this case, the purpose of monitoring process is aimed at recognizing whether the projected results have been achieved as defined in the health action plan and strategy. According to precisely set IT parameters for monitoring, healthcare institutions are able not only to be aware if these parameters are met, but also have very accurate statistics on what sector(s) or project(s) may have data errors or IT system failures.

Such instant control over any possible drop-downs on the general system help the medical institutions not only to correctly allocate their funds, but also to ensure accurate work of all assigned and monitored IT systems.

Potential uses of Zabbix

  • monitoring of all hospital devices and equipment;
  • alarming on outstanding parameters or any exceptional cases;
  • management of the monitoring configuration centrally, without having to login to the agent to change or add a monitor;
  • monitoring progress towards the expected outcomes.

Proven Benefits

  • delivery of requested data in the shortest time;
  • ensuring of instant notification in any possible failures in the hospital equipment;
  • saves time and funds that are always needed in medicine sector through very low cost of
  • "embedded" history and trend capacity graphing.

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