Zabbix Solution in Aerospace

Zabbix Solution can go far beyond the monitoring of equipment and devices on the ground. By implementing Zabbix into your enterprise that operates in aerospace industry, you can be sure that your responsible agent will be alerted about all possible and potential failures and errors in the system on time. Timely data delivery and timely issue notification, guaranteed by Zabbix, is the key to ensure safety of operations.

Potential uses of Zabbix

  • Monitor end-to-end communication systems;
  • Monitor tower automation systems;
  • Monitor ATM information systems;
  • Monitor value added front-ends;
  • Monitoring of operations for up to hundreds of thousands machines simultaneously;
  • Alarming in case of any suspicious deviation in any of monitored equipment;
  • Monitoring of temperature and pressure.

Proven Benefits

  • Timely prevention of system errors;
  • Instant alarming in case of any failure or drop-down in the system’s operation;
  • Backup of all monitored data for further statistics and analysis;
  • Access to required data in the shortest time.

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