Zabbix Solution in Energy & Chemicals

The days when the Chemical and Energy industries relied on mechanical control over manufacturing processes and trial, and error method in inventing new materials are gone. Starting from mineral mining to transportation, manufacturing and distribution, now all processes rely on applications and computing power of servers.

As many of the processes within the Chemicals and Energy Industries are a mission critical and directly influence other industries, keeping an eye on every element of infrastructure is a necessity. And here is when Zabbix starts to play an important role.

Potential uses of Zabbix

  • to collect and store performance and availability information from industry specific devices and applications;
  • to process millions of checks per minute, delivering real-time analytics about monitored environment;
  • to take actions, sending commands or scripts to different devices;
  • to work with distributed architecture, including thousands of remote locations and equipment;
  • to provide detailed historical reports about every monitored device;
  • to notify specific people within departments about any issues or malfunctions.

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