7 What's new in Zabbix 5.0.2

More file types by vfs.file.exists[]

The vfs.file.exists[] agent item previously supported only regular files and links. Support for more file types has been added including directories, sockets, block devices, character devices, etc.

Several file types to include can be specified in the second parameter as a quoted, comma-separated list, while file types to exclude similarly can be specified in the third parameter:


For more details, see vfs.file.exists[] in agent items.

Logging of global script executions

Information about global script executions is now logged into an Audit log with the following details:

  • Timestamp
  • User that started a script
  • IP of the target host or Zabbix server/proxy
  • Script after macros substitution (secret macros will be shown as *****)
  • Script results

Additionally, there is now an opportunity to pass user information by inserting user-related macros in a script itself. Supported macros:

  • {USER.ALIAS} - Zabbix username
  • {USER.FULLNAME} - current user's first and last name as specified in Zabbix (username)
  • {USER.NAME} - current user's first name as specified in Zabbix
  • {USER.SURNAME} - current user's last name as specified in Zabbix

If a script is executed automatically under an action operation, these macros will not be resolved.


The MS Teams webhook now supports custom fields and custom buttons in message cards.

Regular expression support in user macro context

In addition to static strings, regular expressions are now also supported in user macro context, using the following syntax:

{$MACRO:regex:"regular expression"}

Using regular expressions may significantly reduce the number of user macro contexts you need to define.

See user macros with context for more information.

New templates

  • Template App Etcd by HTTP - collects metrics from Etcd's /metrics endpoint with HTTP agent (see description).
Microsoft SQL Server
  • Template DB MSSQL by ODBC - collects metrics from DBMS Microsoft SQL Server via ODBC (see description).
  • Template App IIS by Zabbix agent, Template App IIS by Zabbix agent active - collect metrics from Internet Information Services for Windows Server version 2012R2 and newer via Zabbix agent.

You can get these templates:

  • In ConfigurationTemplates in new installations;
  • If you are upgrading from previous versions, you can download these templates from Zabbix Git repository or find them in the templates directory of the downloaded latest Zabbix version. Then, while in ConfigurationTemplates you can import them manually into Zabbix.

EnableRemoteCommands deprecated/unsupported by agents

The EnableRemoteCommands agent parameter is now:

  • deprecated by Zabbix agent (where it is directly aliased to the corresponding AllowKey/DenyKey parameters)
  • unsupported by Zabbix agent2

Use the AllowKey/DenyKey parameters instead.

Templates excluded from host count in System information report

The number of hosts displayed in the System information report and widget no longer includes templates. The number of templates is now displayed in a separate row.

Modification time ignored in log, log.count items

File modification time is now ignored in log and log.count items.

Enhanced URL widget security

The URL dashboard widget and the URL screen element now put retrieved URL content into the sandbox. By default, all sandbox restrictions are enabled. It is possible to modify sandbox attribute settings in the defines.inc.php file, however turning sandboxing off is not recommended for security reasons. To learn more about the sandbox attribute, please see the sandbox section of the iframe HTML element description.