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13 Upgrade notes for 5.2.3

Zabbix agent 2 plugins

For Ceph, Docker, Memcached, MySQL, Oracle, and Redis plugins, a Uri can no longer be specified as a 1st level plugin parameter. For PostgreSQL plugin a Uri and Database name can no longer be specified as a 1st level plugin parameters. Now these parameters can only be provided at a named session level. All existing parameters in a format Plugins.<PluginName>.Uri and the Plugins.Postgres.Database parameter should be removed from the configuration file, otherwise, the agent will fail to start.

For Uri parameters, specifying a scheme is no longer mandatory.

For the default set of parameters, you can create a named session 'Default' and specify these parameters in the session. See an example below.

Before Zabbix 5.2.3 Since Zabbix 5.2.3
Plugins.Ceph.Uri="https://localhost" Plugins.Ceph.Sessions.Default.Uri=localhost