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 ==== 4 Installation from packages ==== ==== 4 Installation from packages ====
-=== From distribution packages === 
-Several popular OS distributions have Zabbix packages provided. You can use these packages to install Zabbix. 
-<​note>​OS distributions may lack the latest version of Zabbix in their repositiories.</​note>​ 
 === From Zabbix official repository === === From Zabbix official repository ===
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   * [[:​manual/​installation/​install_from_packages/​suse|SUSE Linux Enterprise Server]]   * [[:​manual/​installation/​install_from_packages/​suse|SUSE Linux Enterprise Server]]
-Package files are available at [[https://​​|]]. ​Yum and apt repositories ​are also available on the server+Package files for yum/dnf, apt and zypper repositories for various OS distributions ​are available at [[https://​​|]]. ​ 
 +Note, that though some OS distributions (in particular, Debian-based distributions) provide their own Zabbix packages, these packages ​are not supported by Zabbix. Zabbix packages provided by 3rd parties can be out of date and may lack the latest features and bug fixes. It is recommended to use only official packages from [[https://​​|]]. If you have previously used unofficial Zabbix packages, see notes about [[:​manual/​installation/​upgrade/​packages#​zabbix_packages_from_os_repositories|upgrading Zabbix packages from OS repositories]].