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object drule.create(object/array discoveryRules)

This method allows to create new discovery rules.

This method is only available to Admin and Super admin user types. Permissions to call the method can be revoked in user role settings. See User roles for more information.


(object/array) Discovery rules to create.

Additionally to the standard discovery rule properties, the method accepts the following parameters.

Parameter Type Description
array Discovery checks to create for the discovery rule.

Restituisce i valori

(object) Restituisce un oggetto contenente gli ID delle regole di scoperta create sotto la proprietà druleids. L'ordine degli ID restituiti corrispondono all'ordine delle regole di rilevamento passate.


Create a discovery rule

Create a discovery rule to find machines running the Zabbix agent in the local network. The rule must use a single Zabbix agent check on port 10050.


           "jsonrpc": "2.0",
           "method": "drule.create",
           "params": {
               "name": "Zabbix agent discovery",
               "iprange": "",
               "dchecks": [
                       "type": "9",
                       "key_": "system.uname",
                       "ports": "10050",
                       "uniq": "0"
           "auth": "038e1d7b1735c6a5436ee9eae095879e",
           "id": 1


           "jsonrpc": "2.0",
           "result": {
               "druleids": [
           "id": 1

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