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> Oggetto modulo

I seguenti oggetti sono direttamente correlati all'API "modulo".


The module object has the following properties.

Property Type Description
moduleid string (readonly) ID of the module as stored in the database.
string Unique module ID as defined by a developer in the manifest.json file of the module.

Possible values for built-in modules:
see property "type" description in Dashboard widget.
string Path to the directory of the module relative to the directory of the Zabbix frontend.

Possible values:
widgets/* - for built-in widget modules;
modules/* - for third-party modules.
status integer Whether the module is enabled or disabled.

Possible values:
0 - (default) Disabled;
1 - Enabled.
config object Module configuration.

Note that for some methods (update, delete) the required/optional parameter combination is different.