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10 Individuazione di istanze di contatori delle prestazioni di Windows


It is possible to discover object instances of Windows performance counters. This is useful for multi-instance performance counters.

Item key

The item to use in the discovery rule is


or, to be able to provide the object name in English only, independently of OS localization:


For example:


These items are supported since Zabbix Windows agent 5.0.1.

Supported macros

The discovery will return all instances of the specified object in the {#INSTANCE} macro, which may be used in the prototypes of perf_count and perf_count_en items.


For example, if the item key used in the discovery rule is:


you may create an item prototype:

perf_counter["\Processor({#INSTANCE})\% Processor Time"]


  • If the specified object is not found or does not support variable instances then the discovery item will become NOTSUPPORTED.
  • If the specified object supports variable instances, but currently does not have any instances, then an empty JSON array will be returned.
  • In case of duplicate instances they will be skipped.