Atualização Certified Professional

Leverage Zabbix 6.0 LTS features and learn how to deploy a Zabbix server high availability cluster, create dynamic problem thresholds with baseline monitoring and anomaly detection, and reduce load on your Zabbix instance by utilizing the latest pre-processing features.

Produtos previstos Zabbix 6.0
Formato In small groups (up to 10 persons)
Duração 2 hours
Requisitos do curso Zabbix 5.0 Certified Professional and Zabbix 6.0 Certified Specialist certificates
Próximo nível Zabbix Certified Expert (Nível 4)
Nível anterior Zabbix Certified Specialist (Nível 2)

Programa do curso

  • ODBC monitoring
  • Advanced preprocessing
  • Encryption
  • High Availability
  • Trend functions
  • Baseline monitoring
  • Zabbix 6.0 Certified Professional Exam

Certificates & gifts

  • Upon successfully passing the exam: Zabbix 6.0 Certified Professional certificate
  • Upon successfully passing the exam: Zabbix 6.0 Professional pin
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