is SMS Gateway. It sends automated text messages by SMS and messenger.

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This template is for Zabbix version: 7.0

Source: webhook

This guide describes how to integrate Zabbix 7.0 installation with SMS Gateway using HTTP API and Zabbix webhook feature. This guide provides instructions on setting up a media type, a user, and an action in Zabbix.

Setting up

1. Create a user for HTTP API or use an existing one.

2. Grant to the user Access to the HTTP API permission. See documentation for the information.

Setting up the webhook in Zabbix

1. Before setting up a media type, you need to set up a global macro "{$ZABBIX.URL}", which must contain the URL to Zabbix frontend.

2. In the Administration > Media types section, import

3. Open the newly added media type and replace all <PLACEHOLDERS> with your values.
The following parameters should be filled out:
endpoint - the actual URL of your API instance. The API can be addressed with the following: https://<SMS Gateway IP>/api.php
username - API username.
password - user's password.

3. The following parameters can help you customize the alerts: *ring, flash, telauto
See documentation for details.

4. Create a service Zabbix user or use any existing user, then add Media with the The "Send to" field should be filled as a phone number without a plus (+) sign or as "mode:option".
Allowed modes: number (Default), group, telgroup, telnumber, user, teluser.
Examples: 37167784742 (Send SMS to the individual telephone number)
group:11 (Send a text message to the specified user group. User groups are managed in the Configuration - Groups.)
telnumber:37167784742 (Send a message via Automatic to the individual telephone number. Automatic tries to deliver the notification via Telegram. If this fails the notification will be delivered by a text message.)
See documentation for additional information.
Note, that the "Send to" field cannot be empty. If the phone number or user/group ID is already specified in the send_to parameter, you can put any symbol in this field to comply with frontend requirements. Make sure this user has access to all hosts, for which you would like problem notifications to be sent via HTTP API.

For more information see Zabbix and documentations.

Supported versions

Zabbix 7.0 and higher

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