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Line 9: Line 9:
 ''​(object/​array)''​ Value maps to create. ''​(object/​array)''​ Value maps to create.
-The method accepts value maps with with the [[object#​value_map|standard value map properties]].+The method accepts value maps with the [[object#​value_map|standard value map properties]].
 ==== Return values ==== ==== Return values ====
Line 20: Line 20:
 Request: Request:
-<​code ​js>+<​code ​java>
 { {
     "​jsonrpc":​ "​2.0",​     "​jsonrpc":​ "​2.0",​
Line 43: Line 43:
 Response: Response:
-<​code ​js>+<​code ​java>
 { {
     "​jsonrpc":​ "​2.0",​     "​jsonrpc":​ "​2.0",​