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 In accepting-side log: In accepting-side log:
   ...Message from is missing header. Message ignored.   ...Message from is missing header. Message ignored.
-=== Using Zabbix sender compiled with TLS support to send data to Zabbix server/​proxy compiled without TLS === 
-In connecting-side log: 
-  ...In zbx_tls_init_child() 
-  ...OpenSSL library (version OpenSSL 1.1.1  11 Sep 2018) initialized 
-  ... 
-  ...In zbx_tls_connect():​ psk_identity:"​PSK test sender"​ 
-  ...End of zbx_tls_connect():​FAIL error:'​connection closed by peer' 
-  ...send value error: TCP successful, cannot establish TLS to [[localhost]:​10051]:​ connection closed by peer 
-In accepting-side log: 
-  ...failed to accept an incoming connection: from support for TLS was not compiled in 
 See also: [[:​manual/​encryption/​using_pre_shared_keys#​size_limits|Value size limits]] See also: [[:​manual/​encryption/​using_pre_shared_keys#​size_limits|Value size limits]]