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 RHEL 5: RHEL 5:
-  # rpm -Uvh https://​​zabbix/​4.2/​rhel/​5/​x86_64/​zabbix-release-4.2-2.noarch.rpm+  # rpm -Uvh https://​​zabbix/​4.2/​rhel/​5/​x86_64/​zabbix-release-4.2-2.el5.noarch.rpm
 === Frontend installation prerequisites === === Frontend installation prerequisites ===
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 Proceed to [[:​manual/​concepts/​java/​from_rhel_centos|setup]] for more details on configuring and running Java gateway. Proceed to [[:​manual/​concepts/​java/​from_rhel_centos|setup]] for more details on configuring and running Java gateway.
 +==== Installing debuginfo packages ====
 +<​note>​ Debuginfo packages are currently available for RHEL/CentOS versions 7, 6 and 5. </​note>​
 +To enable debuginfo repository edit ///​etc/​yum.repos.d/​zabbix.repo//​ file.
 +Change ''​enabled=0''​ to ''​enabled=1''​ for zabbix-debuginfo repository.
 +  [zabbix-debuginfo]
 +  name=Zabbix Official Repository debuginfo - $basearch
 +  baseurl=http://​​zabbix/​4.2/​rhel/​7/​$basearch/​debuginfo/​
 +  enabled=0
 +  gpgkey=file:///​etc/​pki/​rpm-gpg/​RPM-GPG-KEY-ZABBIX-A14FE591
 +  gpgcheck=1
 +This will allow you to install the zabbix-debuginfo package.
 +  # yum install zabbix-debuginfo
 +This single packages contains debug information for all binary Zabbix componets.