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5 What's new in Zabbix 4.2.0

Zabbix 4.2.0 is not released yet.

This section introduces major new features of the new release.

Item value preprocessing

New validation and throttling rules

New options have been added to item value preprocessing focusing on validation and throttling.

New validation options such as defining the acceptable range or some regular expression match allow to remove clearly incorrect or noise values which may happen when, for example, a counter is not initialized yet (empty or 'N/A') or a temperature sensor returns +999°C when it is off, the normal range being -100°C up to +100°C. Validation and custom error handling allows to discard these noise values or replace them with some default value or simply replace them with a human-readable error message.

Extracting an error message provided in incoming data is another new feature. For example, a JSON object may contain a field "error". If the field exists preprocessing is able to extract its value and set it as an error message for the item.

Throttling rules allow to process value only if it is changed, thus reducing the amount of incoming data when it's mostly static. For example, dependent items may be updated less frequently as the master item, provided there's no change to the values. If the master is updated every 10 seconds, a dependent item may be updated every minute.

See item value preprocessing for more details.

Custom error handling

Previously an item would become unsupported if any of the preprocessing steps failed. Now a custom error handling option has been added to the following preprocessing steps:

  • Regular expression
  • XML XPath
  • JSON Path
  • Custom multiplier
  • Simple change
  • Change per second
  • Boolean to decimal
  • Octal to decimal
  • Hexadecimal to decimal
  • In range (new validation option)
  • Matches regular expression (new validation option)
  • Does not match regular expression (new validation option)

If you mark the Custom on fail checkbox, the item will not become unsupported in case of a failed preprocessing step and it is possible to specify a custom error handling option, e.g.:

  • discard the value
  • set to a specified value
  • set a specified error message

HTML notifications

Email notifications can now be sent in HTML format. HTML format allows for more feature-rich emails containing font colouring, clickable links, interactive elements, company style, etc.

HTML format can be selected in the Message format option when configuring email as the media type in AdministrationMedia types.

Regular expression-based matching in auto-registration conditions

Regular expression match is now supported when configuring conditions for active agent auto-registration actions. It is supported if using matches and does not match operators for host name and host metadata conditions.

Note that contains and does not contain operators that were supported before perform only a substring match.

Web monitoring

Content retrieval based on regular expressions also in headers

While previously it was possible to retrieve headers only, it was not possible to seek for matching content in those. Now it is possible to search headers as well for a regular expression match either in variables or the required string.

Additionally, a Retrieve mode option has been added to web monitoring steps, allowing to:

  • Retrieve body only
  • Retrieve headers only
  • Retrieve both body and headers

Retrieve mode replaces the Retrieve only headers option. Thus it is now possible to seek matching content in body only, headers only or in both.


This section introduces new and improved items.


This section introduces performance improvements.


This section introduces miscellaneous frontend improvements.


This section introduces miscellaneous Zabbix daemon improvements.