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5 Screens


Screen export contains the screen structure - all screen settings and all screen elements along with their configuration.

Anything included in the screen itself (like a host, host group or any other data) is not exported. Thus, if at least one of the elements the screen refers to is missing, importing it will fail.


To export screens, do the following:

  • Go to: MonitoringScreens
  • Mark the checkboxes of the screens to export
  • Click on Export below the list

Selected screens are exported to a local XML file with default name zabbix_export_screens.xml.


To import screens, do the following:

  • Go to: MonitoringScreens
  • Click on Import to the right
  • Select the import file
  • Mark the required options in import rules
  • Click on Import

A success or failure message of the import will be displayed in the frontend.

Import rules:

Update existing Existing screens will be updated with data taken from the import file. Otherwise they will not be updated.
Create new The import will add new screens using data from the import file. Otherwise it will not add them.