41 Upgrade notes for 5.0.31

Improved performance of history syncers

The performance of history syncers has been improved by introducing a new read-write lock. This reduces locking between history syncers, trappers and proxy pollers by using a shared read lock while accessing the configuration cache. The new lock can be write locked only by the configuration syncer performing a configuration cache reload.

Patch for API queries optimization

Optional patches are now available for optimizing API database queries, created when searching through names in hosts and items tables. To apply the patches, run the file index_host_and_item_name_upper_field.sql manually. Note that deterministic triggers need to be created during patch application. See Known issues for instructions how to apply the patch.

Query separate tablespaces in Oracle databases with Zabbix agent 2

The following Zabbix agent 2 items, supported for the Oracle plugin, now have additional optional parameters:

  • oracle.diskgroups.stats[<existingParameters>,<diskgroup>]
  • oracle.archive.info[<existingParameters>,<destination>]
  • oracle.cdb.info[<existingParameters>,<database>]
  • oracle.pdb.info[<existingParameters>,<database>]
  • oracle.ts.stats[<existingParameters>,<tablespace>,<type>]

These parameters allow to query separate instances of data instead of all data, thus improving performance.