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-==== Zabbix agent on Microsoft Windows ====+==== Zabbix agent on Microsoft Windows ====
 === Configuring agent === === Configuring agent ===
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 See the [[manual:​appendix:​config:​zabbix_agentd_win|configuration file]] options for details on configuring Zabbix Windows agent. See the [[manual:​appendix:​config:​zabbix_agentd_win|configuration file]] options for details on configuring Zabbix Windows agent.
 +<note warning> **Zabbix agent for Windows does not support non-standard Windows configurations where CPUs are distributed non-uniformly across NUMA nodes.** If logical CPUs are distributed non-uniformly,​ then CPU performance metrics may not be available for some CPUs. For example, if there are 72 logical CPUs with 2 NUMA nodes, both nodes must have 36 CPUs each.</​note>​
 == Hostname parameter == == Hostname parameter ==