Zabbix Meeting Italy is designed to guide you through Zabbix solutions and provide some company background, while covering different examples from useful business cases and Zabbix services. It will also allow you to familiarize yourself with the professional services that Zabbix provides in Italy.



Situated in northern Italy, Milan is the capital of Lombardy and the second-most populous city in Italy proper.

It is the leading financial centre and the most prosperous manufacturing and commercial city of Italy.

Novotel Milano Linate Aeroporto,

Via Mecenate, 121 Milano


November 24, 2023

Presentations will be held in Italian and English.
09:00 Registration and morning coffee
09:30 Everything about Zabbix Monitoring Solution (Italian)

Dimitri Bellini, Certified Zabbix Expert and Trainer, CEO, Quadrata Service Group s.r.l., Italy, MTITML23_SPEAKER_DIMITRI_BELLINI_COUNTRY

10:30 Get to know Zabbix: Team, business model, markets, customers, financial results (English)
11:00 Coffee Break
11:15 Learn how Zabbix professional services can make your life easier (English)
11:45 Quadrata Service Group s.r.l., Zabbix Premium Partner. Introduction to the company, services, and customers (Italian)

Sandro Pigatti, Quadrata Service Group s.r.l., Italy, MTITML23_SPEAKER_SANDRO_PIGATTI_COUNTRY

12:15 Zabbix use cases
12:45 Lunch

Registration closed.