Zabbix Certified User (ZCU)

Utilisation de l’interface de Zabbix. Découverte des fonctionnalités de Zabbix.

Produits concernés Zabbix 5.0
Format Online
Group size Up to 50 students virtually
Durée du 1 jour
Prérequis Aucun
Niveau supérieur Zabbix Certified Specialist Niveau 2

Acquired skills and knowledge

  • Navigate the Zabbix frontend
  • Understand basic Zabbix concepts such as hosts, items, triggers, problems, and more
  • Get an overview of and filter problems detected by Zabbix
  • Acknowledge and remediate problems directly from the Zabbix UI
  • Analyze the timeline of problems in your environment
  • Filter and sort your monitoring endpoints by their OS, serial numbers, locations, and other inventory information
  • Display your infrastructure overview and infrastructure component states on a network map
  • Create custom dashboards tailored to your specific needs
  • Create a custom view of your metrics and monitoring endpoint states by using a variety of Zabbix dashboard widgets
  • Find problematic monitoring endpoints by using Zabbix reports

Programme de la formation

Jour 1


  • Electronically issued attendance certificate
  • Electronically issued Zabbix 6.0 User certificate
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