September 14, 2016

Zabbix Company Announces Release of Zabbix 3.2, Ensuring Flexibility and Stability


Creators of Zabbix, a universal enterprise-level open source software designed for real-time monitoring of millions of metrics, today announced the release of Zabbix 3.2, the latest and enriched version, featuring the most topical features as well as long-awaited requests, eliminating the downtime costs and ensuring the smooth flow of your business.

“I am extremely pleased to introduce the availability of Zabbix 3.2, which is the result of hard work of our team and close cooperation with our partners. The new release of Zabbix is aimed to simplify operations, root cause analysis and large scale monitoring by introducing event correlation and high performance processing of problems along with other enhancements”, says Alexei Vladishev, founder and CEO of Zabbix, with more than 15 years of experience in leading and evolving the platform.

Zabbix 3.2 embodies the power of a user to make more actions with Zabbix, such as manually close problems, share web scenarios, take more control over discovered items, triggers and graphs as well as efficiently deal with fast-growing log files and overload of notification alarms.

New possibilities of Zabbix 3.2 secure a faster and even more productive monitoring process. Experience a simple service-oriented management of actions with support of tags and new way of complex conditions creation with recovery expressions. Enjoy the changes in Zabbix alerts, reducing the load with notifications and enabling the user to concentrate on failure causes, getting the best out of correlation rules.


With its main focus to ease the everyday projects, this release stands out with its intention to diminish multiple extra tasks required from the user, including facilitated process of problem recovery, simplified triggering and lessened amount of warning announcements. Now the navigation process across Zabbix monitored devices is also simplified with the appearance of nested host groups.

Zabbix 3.2 offers a set of outstanding features, with a part of them being implemented as a sponsored development for S&T Slovakia (, a Zabbix Certified Partner and monitoring solutions integrator, being currently involved in extensive ICT supervision and monitoring projects for customers using Zabbix product and services in the large enterprise segment.

Zabbix 3.2 is now available for download:

Read the Release Notes on Zabbix 3.2 at:

Find more information on full documentation and features overview at:

About Zabbix Monitoring Solution

Zabbix is a mature enterprise-level monitoring platform used in a growing range of industries, designed to scale from small environments to large enterprises, cloud services and Internet of Things (IoT) applications, gathering a limitless amount of data from the network. Zabbix analyzes and visualizes accurate statistics and performance metrics as well as ensures real-time notifications about current and potential issues.

  • easily scalable architecture utilizing agentless monitoring methods or deploying light-weight agents on monitoring targets, proxies for a distributed setup and a central Zabbix server
  • network discovery and automated deployment: network devices can be discovered and added for monitoring file systems, network interfaces and other entities automatically
  • ready-to-use scenarios for monitoring diverse environments
  • monitor virtually everything with built-in and custom checks
  • web-based user interface accessible from anywhere

Zabbix is open-source, written and distributed under the GPL General Public License and thus is free for commercial and non-commercial use, actively used across all industries and in almost every country of the world.

About Zabbix Company

Founded in 2005, Zabbix SIA is a global software development company with offices in Europe, United States and Japan, and the sole developer of Zabbix.

Having more than 95 partners all around the world, Zabbix SIA possesses a large portfolio of customers from different industries, including telecommunications, financial, retail, educational, healthcare and government agencies, with more than 50 of them being listed on the Fortune 500.


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