Ez Texting & Zabbix SIA Renew Text Message Monitoring Partnership

Ez Texting & Zabbix SIA Renew Text Message Monitoring Partnership

January 6, 2012

New York, NY (Jan 5, 2012) Ez Texting, an industry leading text messaging platform, and Zabbix SIA, a software developer company, have renewed their successful partnership, which provides easy to implement SMS-based server monitoring alerts.

Last year, Zabbix extended its suite of monitoring and alert features through the integration of text messaging based alerts using Ez Texting’s SMS gateway. “After integrating Ez Texting into Zabbix last year, we saw over 100 companies enhance their Zabbix monitoring with instant SMS notifications for critical system alerts,” said Shane Neman, CEO of Ez Texting. “We expect even more people to adopt Zabbix and text message alerts in 2012 as Zabbix deploys their major 2.0 release.”

Integration between Zabbix and Ez Texting is seamless and affordable. As soon as a company opens an Ez Texting account they can simply enter their account credentials in their Zabbix configuration to begin receiving text messages for defined alerts.

About Zabbix SIA

ZABBIX SIA is based in Riga, Latvia. The basic work sphere of ZABBIX SIA is development of open source software for monitoring of networks and applications. Apart from that the company offers a wide range of professional services designed to fit every customer's unique business demands including implementation, integration, custom development and consulting services as well as various training programs. ZABBIX team's mission is to make a superior monitoring solution available and affordable for all.

The company's flagship product is ZABBIX, one of the most popular open source monitoring software in the world. It is already used by a vast number of companies, who have chosen it due to real scalability, high and robust performance, ease of use and extremely low costs of ownership.

About Ez Texting

Ez Texting provides web-based SMS Marketing services to over 50,000 clients. Since 2006, Ez Texting’s do-it-yourself service has been used by clients ranging from small organizations to Fortune 500 firms. Text message marketing features like mobile coupons, keyword autoresponders, and efficient group messaging allow Ez Texting clients to reach their customers wherever they are, at anytime.

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