Minutus Computing Joins the Network of Zabbix Partners in India

January 23, 2024

Minutus Computing joins being Zabbix Reseller in India.

AboutMinutus Computing

Dedicated focus at Minutus Computing is put on delivering top-tier software services across key domains, including IT Infrastructure Management, DevOps, Cloud Computing, Application Modernisation, and Enterprise Business Applications. The company’s commitment extends beyond traditional service provision – they assist their clients in establishing robust system infrastructure, overseeing seamless implementations, and providing end-to-end development and support.

Minutus Computing team of experts brings extensive experience to the table, particularly in the development and management of intricate Enterprise applications. This includes proficiency in handling Dassault Systemes 3DEXPERIENCE Platform, PLM, CAD, and ERP solutions.

In addition to their service portfolio, they take pride in crafting cutting-edge products. Among them is KosDriv™, a SAAS-based Data Protection application tailored for small and medium businesses, and their Infrastructure Monitoring System.

“Zabbix stands out as a premier monitoring solution, and its user-friendly interface makes it the preferred choice for companies seeking efficient IT system management. Our strategic partnership with Zabbix allows us to go beyond the ordinary, adding significant value to our customers. Together, we empower businesses to seamlessly monitor and optimize their IT infrastructure, ensuring enhanced performance and reliability." - Prabhu Hiremath, Director, Sales & Operations.

Website: www.minutuscomputing.com

Phone: +919823426674

About Zabbix Software

Zabbix is an enterprise-class, open-source distributed monitoring solution designed to monitor and track the performance and availability of network servers, devices, services, and other IT resources.

A true all-in-one monitoring solution, Zabbix allows users to collect, store, manage, and analyse information received from their IT infrastructure. When thresholds are reached, Zabbix can display this information or send notifications via email, SMS, or multiple messaging services.

Zabbix also allows administrators to quickly recognize server and device problems, reducing system downtime and the risk of system failure. Our solutions are used by SMBs and large enterprises across all industries and around the world.

About Zabbix Company

Established in 2005, Zabbix LLC is a global software development company. The company’s flagship product is Zabbix – an enterprise-class, open-source distributed monitoring solution.

Zabbix LLC also provides a wide range of commercial services such as technical and consultative support, Zabbix integration, implementation, and customized development services, and Zabbix professional training. The company’s focus is on a flexible approach to customer needs and the ability to deliver world-class services at affordable prices.

Zabbix has over 250 partners around the world, as well as a large portfolio of customers in multiple industries, including several Fortune 500 companies.

Website: www.zabbix.com