版本 Zabbix 6.0
规模 线上
规模 最多10人
时长 1天,远程

Acquired skills and knowledge

  • Detect problems by configuring Zabbix triggers to analyze collected metrics in a variety of ways
  • Detect problems in numeric and string data
  • Populate the detected problems with additional information about the environment in question
  • Prevent trigger flapping and alert storms
  • Analyze and compare long-term data trends and react to unexpected changes
  • Aggregate the collected metrics and detect problems across large data sets
  • Monitor data baseline values and react to unexpected deviations
  • Dynamically detect and react to anomalous data points
  • Use forecasting functions and proactively react to predicted problem states
  • Reduce the number of alerts by defining dependencies between components such as routers and switches or any other interconnected elements
  • Receive alerts about root cause problems by configuring Zabbix event correlation features


Day 1



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