Total Server Solutions Updates and Improves Monitoring Services

September 10, 2012

(TOTAL SERVER SOLUTIONS) Atlanta, GA, USA -- Server management & technical services company, Total Server Solutions today released information regarding changes and improvements to their industry leading monitoring services. As part of their Total Server Management offering, the Total Server Solutions team offers full server monitoring. Monitoring solutions are also offered on an individual, custom basis as needed by customers.

Previously, Total Server Solutions monitoring included the use of an array of monitoring software such as Nagios & Icinga/Nconf coupled with custom monitoring tools and system level alerts. While this system worked effectively, the Total Server Solutions technical team realized that a more elegant solution was possible. Emerson Nogueira, Chief Operations Officer at Total Server Solutions states it clearly: "Our initial monitoring options were good, but we wanted something better for our customers and something that made information and alerts easier to interpret and act upon for our technical staff. It's all about giving our customers the fast, accurate service they demand."

After months of research and testing, Total Server Solutions decided to utilize Zabbix as the backbone of their monitoring services. Fully customized alerts specific to each server/service monitored have been implemented by the Total Server Solutions team to maximize uptime for their clients' environments. This new monitoring solution helps the technical team detect the problems which contribute to downing servers even faster than previously. Customizations can even allow for the automatic restart of failed services as needed.

Future developments will allow customers to view a full service report and logs through the Total Server Solutions customer portal. All fully managed servers from Total Server Solutions feature full monitoring using this new Zabbix based solution. Furthermore, any server that is covered by the Total Server Management product gets the same monitoring suite as a server inside of Total Server Solutions' locations.

About Total Server Solutions

Total Server Solutions was founded in 2005 with the goal of providing unsurpassed support and technical services to the web hosting community. Total Server Solutions provides fully managed dedicated servers, system management, and a full contingent of monitoring services. The Total Server Solutions family of brands includes colocation services provided through COLO@ as well as a full range of industry leading e-commerce solutions through the EWD Hosting brand.

About Zabbix Software

Zabbix is an enterprise-class open source distributed monitoring solution designed to monitor and track performance and availability of network servers, devices, services and other IT resources. Zabbix possesses a flexible notification mechanism that allows users to configure e-mail, Jabber and SMS based alerts for any kind of event which helps administrators to recognize server and device problems faster. Zabbix is being developed non-stop and its functionality and performance is increasing rapidly with every new release. The monitoring solution is being actively used by SMBs and large enterprises across all industries including, but not limited to Finance and Insurance, IT&T, Health Care, Public Sector, Retail, Energy and Chemicals.

Over 30 000 copies of software are downloaded every month and there are more than 50 thousand active community members.

About Zabbix Company

Zabbix SIA is a software development company, which is based in Riga, Latvia. Its flagship product is Zabbix – an enterprise-class open source distributed monitoring solution. Zabbix SIA provides wide range of commercial services like technical and consultative support, Zabbix integration, implementation and customized development services as well as Zabbix professional training. The main focus is on a flexible approach to the customer's needs and the ability to deliver first-class services at affordable prices. The company has a wide partnership network with over 40 IT companies promoting Zabbix product and services in all parts of the world.