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October 7 - 8, 2022
Riga, Latvia

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Zabbix Summit 2022 will take place at the Radisson Blu Hotel Latvija, in Riga, Latvia - one of the largest conference and meeting facilities in the Baltic states.

Riga, also called the "Gem of the Baltics", combines modern and active rhythm of life with ancient history and rich cultural heritage, including Europe's largest collection of Art Nouveau buildings and the UNESCO-listed Old Town. Embrace autumn as you walk through the streets of one of the prettiest European cities, featured by the Lonely Planet as the 4th most beautiful city and the best destination to travel to.

Radisson Blu Hotel Latvija
Elizabetes Street 55, Riga, Latvia

Radisson Blu Hotel Latvija stands in the heart of Riga, only 400 meters from the beautiful Old Town, where you can enjoy the aura of an ancient city in the narrow streets full of stories and history. Stay in stylish interiors, enjoy many dining venues, SPA facilities and spacious rooms with free Wi-Fi. Guests who arrive by car can also easily access the hotel via the nearby major motorways.



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Day 1: October 7, 2022

Riga (GMT+3)
09:00 Registration

10:15 KEYNOTE: Re-thinking Zabbix

Alexei Vladishev, Zabbix, CEO, Latvia

11:00 Getting ahead of the game with Zabbix services

Anton Jefremov, Zabbix, Zabbix Sales Managers, Latvia Yuri Tarasenko, Zabbix, Zabbix Sales Managers, Latvia

11:20 Discovering and managing hosts with improved Zabbix host prototypes

Kaspars Mednis, Zabbix, Chief Trainer, Latvia

11:45 Coffee break

12:15 Zabbix in China

Cindy Lu, Grandage, CSO, China

12:40 Leveraging Zabbix trend functions for network monitoring anomaly detection and enhanced visibility

Paulo Deolindo, Unirede Inteligência em TI, Zabbix Trainer, Brazil

13:05 Enterprise scale VMware monitoring with Zabbix

Dimitri Bellini, Quadrata Service Group s.r.l., CEO, Italy, UAE

13:30 Enable Netflow Monitoring on Zabbix 6.0 with H5-Flow integration

Frederic Guillois, H5 Network, CEO, France

13:55 Lunch

14:55 Zabbix dashboards: A single pane of glass for MSP environments

Karlis Salins, Zabbix, Technical Support Engineer, Latvia

15:20 Extending Zabbix

Vladimir Levijev, Zabbix, Senior C Developer, Latvia

15:45 Zabbix and Ansible, complement each other like wine and cheese

Andrew Nelson, Site Reliability Engineer, USA

16:10 Because I am API

Steve Destivelle, IZI-IT, Zabbix Trainer & Expert, France

16:35 Coffee break

17:00 Monitor MySQL with Zabbix: Understanding the metrics

Vittorio Cioe, Oracle-MySQL, Principal Solution Engineer, Poland

17:35 Keeping things structured within Zabbix

Nathan Liefting, Opensource ICT, Zabbix consultant / trainer, Netherlands

18:00 Closing

Day 2: October 8, 2022

Riga (GMT+3)
08:45 Workshops

10:00 Morning Coffee

10:30 KEYNOTE: Zabbix business news

Sergey Sorokin, Zabbix, Director of Business Development, Latvia

10:50 What's up home - monitoring your IoT devices with Zabbix

Janne Pikkarainen, Forcepoint, Senior Systems Engineer, Finland

11:20 5 Real world examples for Zabbix integrations and extensions

Wolfgang Alper, IntelliTrend GmbH, CEO, Germany

11:55 Coffee Break

12:35 Importance of business service monitoring based on real examples

Aleksandrs Petrovs-Gavrilovs, Zabbix, Technical Support Engineer, Latvia

13:00 Enhancing Zabbix frontend with your own widget modules

Tomas Hermanek, Initmax, CEO, Czech Republic

13:25 Deep dive into Zabbix Web Modules

Evgeny Yurchenko, BGmot, Co-founder, Tech Lead, Canada

13:55 Lunch

14:55 Culture change to use Zabbix in Kubernetes

Robert Silva, JLCP, Tech Lead, Brazil

15:25 Install and operate Zabbix in Kubernetes and OpenShift

Christian Anton, secadm GmbH - part of the MCL Group, Head of Cloud Native Infrastructure & Services, Germany

15:55 Keeping hundreds of Windows Zabbix agents in sync across different customers

Marco Hofmann, Anaxco, IT-System Engineer, Germany

16:25 Coffee Break

16:40 Using Zabbix to monitor our OpenNebula private cloud infrastructure

Geert Willems, Flemish Government, System Engineer, Belgium

17:05 Bug off: Hunting Zabbix vulnerabilities

Alexey Mitrofanov, Zabbix, Cybersecurity lead, Latvia

17:30 Lightning talks. Better protect your Zabbix API

Wolfgang Alper, IntelliTrend GmbH, CEO, Germany

17:35 Lightning talks. Zabbix Girls

Nivea Francys, Zabbix, Technical support engineer, Brazil

17:40 Lightning talks. From zero to monitoring hero: My journey with Zabbix.

Laura Schilder, Opensource ICT, Zabbix consultant, Netherlands

17:45 Lightning talks. Zabbix Translations

Marina Generalova, Zabbix, Technical documentation writer, Latvia

Events during Summit 2022

Open doors day at Zabbix 13:00-15:00
Summit official part 2 days: 10:00-17:30
Summit fun part   Welcome party at Folk club ALA Main party at Hanzas Perons Closing party at Spikeri Concert Hall Fun with friends
Workshops 08:30-09:45
Merchandise sales 2 days: 09:00-15:00
Day for joining parties   11:00-16:00
Training & Exams
Advanced Problem and
Anomaly Detection with Zabbix
Advanced Zabbix Data
Automation and Integration
with Zabbix API
Certified Specialist Upgrade   09:00-14:00
Certified Professional Upgrade   15:00-18:00
Exams (ZCU, ZCS, ZCP)
Requirements for ZCP exam:
Zabbix Certified Specialist Exam Certificate 6.0
09:00-14:00 8:30-9:45
Training for partners
Training for trainers 5 days 09:00-18:00

Hands-on Workshops

During the Zabbix Summit 2022, our tech experts will be running hands-on workshops focusing on Zabbix features. Use an opportunity to participate and sign up for practical workshop sessions.

Visualizing and aggregating data with Zabbix Graph widget

Edgars Melveris
Technical Support Engineer, Trainer, Zabbix

08 Oct - 08:45
Discovering hosts with Zabbix host prototypes

Kaspars Mednis
Chief Trainer, Zabbix

08 Oct - 08:45
Because I am API

Steve Destivelle
Zabbix Trainer & Expert, IZI-IT

08 Oct - 08:45
Discover how to deploy, configure and tune H5 Netflow integration in Zabbix for H5-Flow and H5-Appliance

Frederick Rivart
Freelance IT Consultant, H5 networks

08 Oct - 08:45
How to write a script item using JavaScript and HTTP

Stefan Matzek
Zabbix Trainer, Consultant, IntelliTrend

08 Oct - 08:45
Extending Zabbix: Writing a Zabbix agent 2 plugin

Eriks Sneiders
Golang developer, Zabbix

08 Oct - 08:45
Extending Zabbix: Writing a Zabbix frontend module

Vladimir Levijev
C Developer, Zabbix

08 Oct - 08:45

Fun part program

Be part of an open-door day at the Zabbix office!

October 5 from 13:00 till 15:00

Why visit the Zabbix office?

  • Take the office tour and see where we bake the code
  • Meet the Zabbix team for a chat and coffee or tea
  • Let our office be a storyteller as you get to know our history

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