12 Upgrade notes for 2.4.4

Daemon changes

Previously, if Zabbix could not send ICMP ping packets to a particular host, all ICMP ping items would attain a value of 0 in some cases. Now, they always become unsupported.

Monitoring of Windows processes has been improved. After upgrading to 2.4.4, Zabbix agent may report a different number of processes than before when using the proc.num item, e.g.:

Before:c:\> zabbix_agentd.exe -c \zabbix_agentd.conf -t proc.num[zabbix_agentd.exe] proc.num[zabbix_agentd.exe] [u|1]

After:c:\> zabbix_agentd.exe -c \zabbix_agentd.conf -t proc.num[zabbix_agentd.exe] proc.num[zabbix_agentd.exe] [u|4]

The SourceIP configuration parameter is now respected in web monitoring, VMware monitoring, Ez Texting alerts and net.tcp.service{.perf}[https] items. This may lead to checks being done from a different IP address than before the upgrade.

Validation of global regular expressions in LLD rules

A check for valid reference has been added for global regular expressions in LLD rules. If entered reference is not valid, due to misspelling or missing referenced global regular expression, the respective LLD rule will become unsupported and appropriate error message will be displayed.

VMware monitoring changes

VMware performance collector based statistics retrieval was separated from VMware data retrieval. Therefore it is recommended to enable more collectors than monitored VMware services (StartVMwareCollectors=<N>). Otherwise retrieval of VMware performance collector based statistics might be delayed by retrieval of VMware configuration data (which takes a while for large installations).

A new configuration option VMwarePerfFrequency was added to configure statistics data retrieval period.

The bps mode value of the following items are now correctly reported in bytes per second instead of kilobytes per second as before:


Please see VMware configuration parameters description for more details on how to configure Zabbix server/proxy for VMware monitoring.

Template changes

Disk device discovery transfer rate item prototype names were fixed for Template Virt VMware Guest. The hypervisor network interface, virtual machine network interface and virtual machine disk device transfer rates were incorrectly reported in kilobytes rather than bytes. Now they will be correctly reported in bytes per second.

In order to fix it, import this template from