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2 User profile


In the user profile you can customize some Zabbix frontend features, such as the interface language, color theme, number of rows displayed in the lists etc. The changes made here will apply for the user only.

To access the user profile configuration form, click on Profile in the upper right corner of Zabbix window.


The User tab allows you to set various user preferences.


Parameter Description
Password Click on the link to display two fields for entering a new password.
Language Select the interface language of your choice.
The php gettext extension is required for the translations to work.
Theme Select a color theme specifically for your profile.
Auto-login With this checkbox marked you will be logged in automatically, without having to enter your username and password.
Auto-logout (min 90 seconds) With this checkbox marked you will be logged out automatically, after the set amount of seconds (minimum 90 seconds).
However, this option will not work if the "Show warning if Zabbix server is down" global configuration option is enabled and Zabbix frontend is kept opened or when, for example, Monitoring menu pages perform background information refreshes.
Additionally, Auto-logout will be deactivated in the user profile when logging in with Remember me for 30 days checked.
Refresh (in seconds) You can set how often the information in the pages will be refreshed on the Monitoring menu, except for Dashboard, which uses its own refresh parameters for every widget.
Rows per page You can set how many rows will be displayed per page in the lists. Fewer rows (and fewer records to display) mean faster loading times.
URL (after login) You can set a specific URL to be displayed after the login. Instead of the default MonitoringDashboard it can be, for example, the URL of MonitoringTriggers.

If some language is not available for selection in the user profile it means that a locale for it is not installed on the web server. See the link at the bottom of this page to find out how to install them.

The Media tab allows you to specify the media details for the user, such as the types, the addresses to use and when to use them to deliver notifications.


Only admin level users (Admin and Super Admin) can change their own media details.

The Messaging tab allows you to set global notifications.

See also

  1. How to install additional locales to be able to select unavailable languages in the user profile