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 +===== - #9 Users and user groups =====
 +=== Overview ===
 +All users in Zabbix access the Zabbix application through the web-based frontend. Each user is assigned a unique login name and a password. ​
 +All user passwords are encrypted and stored in the Zabbix database. Users cannot use their user id and password to log directly into the UNIX server unless they have also been set up accordingly to UNIX. Communication between the web server and the user browser can be protected using SSL. 
 +With a flexible [[manual:​config:​users_and_usergroups:​permissions|user permission schema]] you can restrict and differentiate access to: 
 +  * administrative Zabbix frontend functions
 +  * monitored hosts in hostgroups
 +The initial Zabbix installation has two predefined users - '​Admin'​ and '​guest'​. The '​guest'​ user is used for unauthenticated users. Before you log in as '​Admin',​ you are '​guest'​. Proceed to [[manual:​config:​users_and_usergroups:​user|configuring a user]] in Zabbix.