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20 Upgrade notes for 3.2.10

More secure Zabbix setup

Several features have been implemented as part of an effort to "harden" the Zabbix web interface:

  • Same origin policy for IFrames. Zabbix now cannot be placed in frames on a different domain. Still, pages placed into a Zabbix frame will have access to Zabbix frontend (through JavaScript) if the page that is placed in the frame and Zabbix frontend are on the same domain. A page like, if placed into screens on, will have full JS access to Zabbix.
  • Technical errors (PHP/SQL) are now hidden by default from non-Zabbix Super admin users and from users that are not part of user groups with debug mode enabled. This is configurable via the new ZBX_SHOW_TECHNICAL_ERRORS constant, set to 'false' by default.

Item changes

  • system.cpu.num agent item on AIX now returns a value based on the logical processors attached to an AIX LPAR and not the physical ones.