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21 Upgrade notes for 3.2.11

Configurable URI validation

URI validation, introduced in Zabbix 3.2.8, now can be turned off/on in the new VALIDATE_URI_SCHEMES frontend constant.


  • Relative URLs are no longer validated against the URI scheme whitelist i.e. are always considered valid.
  • In URLs where macros are supported, delayed validation is used. If the URL after resolving the macros is not valid, then the link will not work.
  • URLs with invalid port numbers, like ftp://user@host:port are considered as invalid

Item changes

  • vmware.eventlog items will now browse up to 1000 events (instead of 10) in search of events that have not yet been processed. Consequently, when catching up after some downtime Zabbix may cache up to 1000 events, which will increase the VMware cache usage right after startup. The new algorithm is also less tolerant to multiple vmware.eventlog items configured with the same VMware URL.

Housekeeper changes

  • An event will now only be deleted by the housekeeper if it is not associated with a problem in any way. This means that if an event is either a problem or recovery event, it will not be deleted until the related problem record is removed. Additionally, the housekeeper now will delete problems first and events after, to avoid potential problems with stale events or problem records.