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 <P> <P>
 For more details please see option <​B>​--input-file</​B>​. For more details please see option <​B>​--input-file</​B>​.
 +<P>If a timestamped value is sent for a host that is in a “no data” <A HREF="/​documentation/​3.2/​manual/​maintenance">​maintenance</​A>​ type then this value will be dropped however it is possible to send a timestamped value in for an expired maintenance period and it will be accepted. ​
 <P> <P>
 <​DT><​B>​-r</​B>,​ <​B>​--real-time</​B><​DD>​ <​DT><​B>​-r</​B>,​ <​B>​--real-time</​B><​DD>​