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 {{manual:​config:​key_param_quoted_string.png|}} {{manual:​config:​key_param_quoted_string.png|}}
 +<note warning>​To quote item key parameters, use double quotes only. Single quotes are not supported.</​note>​
 **Parameter - unquoted string** **Parameter - unquoted string**
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 {{manual:​config:​key_param_array.png|}} {{manual:​config:​key_param_array.png|}}
-=== - Available encodings === 
-The parameter "​encoding"​ is used to specify encoding for processing corresponding item checks, so that data acquired will not be corrupted. For a list of supported encodings (code page identifiers),​ please consult respective documentation,​ such as documentation for [[http://​​software/​libiconv/​|libiconv]] (GNU Project) or Microsoft Windows SDK documentation for "Code Page Identifiers"​. If an empty "​encoding"​ parameter is passed, then ANSI with system-specific extension (Windows) or UTF-8 (default locale for newer Unix/Linux distributions,​ see your system'​s settings) is used by default.