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 +====== 12. Regular expressions ======
 +=== Overview ===
 +[[https://​​wiki/​Perl_Compatible_Regular_Expressions|Perl Compatible Regular Expressions]] (PCRE) are supported in Zabbix.
 +There are two ways of using regular expressions in Zabbix:
 +  * manually entering a regular expression
 +  * using a global regular expression created in Zabbix
 +=== Regular expressions ===
 +You may manually enter a regular expression in supported places. Note that the expression may not start with @ because that symbol is used in Zabbix for referencing global regular expressions.
 +<note warning>​It'​s possible to run out of stack when using regular expressions. See the [[http://​​original/​doc/​html/​pcrestack.html|pcrestack man page]] for more information.</​note>​
 +Note that in multi-line matching, the ''​^''​ and ''​$''​ anchors match at the beginning/​end of each line respectively,​ instead of the beginning/​end of the entire string.
 +=== Global regular expressions ===
 +There is an advanced editor for creating and testing complex regular expressions in Zabbix frontend.
 +Once a regular expression has been created this way, it can be used in several places in the frontend by referring to its name, prefixed with @, for example, //​@mycustomregexp//​.
 +To create a global regular expression:
 +  * Go to: //​Administration -> General//
 +  * Select //Regular expressions//​ from the dropdown
 +  * Click on //New regular expression//​
 +The **Expressions** tab allows to set the regular expression name and add subexpressions. ​
 +All mandatory input fields are marked with a red asterisk. ​
 +^Parameter ​ ^^Description^
 +|//Name// ||Set the regular expression name. Any Unicode characters are allowed. ​ |
 +|//​Expressions// ​ ||Click on //Add// in the Expressions block to add a new subexpression. ​ |
 +^   ​|//​Expression type// ​ |Select expression type:\\ **Character string included** - match the substring\\ **Any character string included** - match any substring from a delimited list. The delimited list includes a comma (,), a dot (.) or a forward slash (/). \\ **Character string not included** - match any string except the substring\\ **Result is TRUE** - match the regular expression\\ **Result is FALSE** - do not match the regular expression ​ |
 +^:::​|//​Expression// ​ |Enter substring/​regular expression. ​ |
 +|//​Delimiter//​ ||A comma (,), a dot (.) or a forward slash (/) to separate text strings in a regular expression. This parameter is active only when "//Any character string included//"​ expression type is selected. ​   |
 +|//Case sensitive// ||A checkbox to specify whether a regular expression is sensitive to capitalization of letters. ​ |
 +Since Zabbix 2.4.0, a forward slash (/) in the expression is treated literally, rather than a delimiter. This way it is possible to save expressions containing a slash, whereas previously it would produce an error.
 +<note important>​A custom regular expression name in Zabbix may contain commas, spaces, etc. In those cases where that may lead to misinterpretation when referencing (for example, a comma in the parameter of an item key) the whole reference may be put in quotes like this: //​%%"​%%@My custom regexp for purpose1, purpose2%%"​%%//​.\\ Regular expression names must not be quoted in other locations (for example, in LLD rule properties).</​note>​
 +== Default global regular expressions ==
 +Zabbix comes with several global regular expression in its default dataset.
 +|//File systems for discovery// ​ |''​^(btrfs|ext2|ext3|ext4|jfs|reiser|xfs|ffs|ufs|jfs|jfs2|vxfs|hfs|refs|apfs|ntfs|fat32|zfs)$'' ​ |%%"​%%btrfs%%"​%% or %%"​%%ext2%%"​%% or %%"​%%ext3%%"​%% or %%"​%%ext4%%"​%% or %%"​%%jfs%%"​%% or %%"​%%reiser%%"​%% or %%"​%%xfs%%"​%% or %%"​%%ffs%%"​%% or %%"​%%ufs%%"​%% or %%"​%%jfs%%"​%% or %%"​%%jfs2%%"​%% or %%"​%%vxfs%%"​%% or %%"​%%hfs%%"​%% or %%"​%%refs%%"​%% or %%"​%%apfs%%"​%% or %%"​%%ntfs%%"​%% or %%"​%%fat32%%"​%% or %%"​%%zfs%%"​%% ​ |
 +|//Network interfaces for discovery// ​ |''​^Software Loopback Interface'' ​ |Strings starting with %%"​%%Software Loopback Interface%%"​%%. ​ |
 +|  |''​^lo$'' ​ |%%"​%%lo%%"​%% ​ |
 +|  |''​^(In)?​[Ll]oop[Bb]ack[0-9._]*$'' ​ |Strings that optionally start with %%"​%%In%%"​%%,​ then have %%"​%%L%%"​%% or %%"​%%l%%"​%%,​ then %%"​%%oop%%"​%%,​ then %%"​%%B%%"​%% or %%"​%%b%%"​%%,​ then %%"​%%ack%%"​%%,​ which can be optionally followed by any number of digits, dots or underscores. ​ |
 +|  |''​^NULL[0-9.]*$'' ​ |Strings starting with %%"​%%NULL%%"​%% optionally followed by any number of digits or dots.  |
 +|  |''​^[Ll]o[0-9.]*$'' ​ |Strings starting with %%"​%%Lo%%"​%% or %%"​%%lo%%"​%% and optionally followed by any number of digits or dots.  |
 +|  |''​^[Ss]ystem$'' ​ |%%"​%%System%%"​%% or %%"​%%system%%"​%% ​ |
 +|  |''​^Nu[0-9.]*$'' ​ |Strings starting with %%"​%%Nu%%"​%% optionally followed by any number of digits or dots.  |
 +|//Storage devices for SNMP discovery// ​ |''​^(Physical memory|Virtual memory|Memory buffers|Cached memory|Swap space)$'' ​ |%%"​%%Physical memory%%"​%% or %%"​%%Virtual memory%%"​%% or %%"​%%Memory buffers%%"​%% or %%"​%%Cached memory%%"​%% or %%"​%%Swap space%%"​%% ​ |
 +|//Windows service names for discovery// ​ |''​^(MMCSS|gupdate|SysmonLog|clr_optimization_v2.0.50727_32|clr_optimization_v4.0.30319_32)$'' ​ |%%"​%%MMCSS%%"​%% or %%"​%%gupdate%%"​%% or %%"​%%SysmonLog%%"​%% or strings like %%"​%%clr_optimization_v2.0.50727_32%%"​%% and %%"​%%clr_optimization_v4.0.30319_32%%"​%% where instead of dots you can put any character except newline. ​ |
 +|//Windows service startup states for discovery// ​ |''​^(automatic|automatic delayed)$'' ​ |%%"​%%automatic%%"​%% or %%"​%%automatic delayed%%"​%% ​ |
 +=== Examples ===
 +== Example 1 ==
 +Use of the following expression in low-level discovery to discover databases except a database with a specific name:  ​
 +Chosen //​Expression type//: %%"​Result is FALSE"​%%. Doesn'​t match name, containing string "//​TESTDATABASE//"​.
 +== Example with an inline regex modifier ==
 +Use of the following regular expression including an inline modifier (?i) to match the characters "​error":​
 +  (?i)error
 +{{:​manual:​regular_expressions:​regexp_expr_3a.png}}  ​
 +Chosen //​Expression type//: %%"​Result is TRUE"​%%. Characters "​error"​ are matched. ​
 +== Another example with an inline regex modifier ==
 +Use of the following regular expression including multiple inline modifiers to match the characters after a specific line:
 +  (?<​=match (?​i)everything(?​-i) after this line\n)(?​sx).*#​ we add s modifier to allow . match newline characters
 +Chosen Expression type: %%"​Result is TRUE"​%%. Characters after a specific line are matched. ​
 +<note important>​ **g** modifier can't be specified in line. The list of available modifiers can be found in [[https://​​original/​doc/​html/​pcresyntax.html#​SEC16|pcresyntax man page]]. For more information about PCRE syntax please refer to [[https://​​original/​doc/​html/​pcrepattern.html|PCRE HTML documentation]]. ​ </​note>​
 +== More complex example ==
 +A custom regular expression may consist of multiple subexpressions,​ and it can be tested in the **Test** tab by providing a test string.
 +Results show the status of each subexpression and total custom expression status. ​
 +Total custom expression status is defined as //Combined result//. If several sub expressions are defined Zabbix uses AND logical operator to calculate //Combined result//. It means that if at least one Result is False //Combined result// has also False status. ​
 +=== Regular expression support by location ===
 +^Location^^Regular expression^Global regular expression^Comments^
 +|  |||||
 +|**[[:​manual/​config/​items/​itemtypes/​zabbix_agent|Agent items]]**|^ ​ ^^^
 +^   ​|eventlog[] ​         |Yes|Yes|''​regexp'',​ ''​severity'',​ ''​source'',​ ''​eventid''​ parameters|
 +|:::​|log[] ​              ​|:::​|:::​|''​regexp''​ parameter|
 +|:::​|log.count[] ​        ​|:::​|:::​|:::​|
 +|:::​|logrt[] ​            ​|:::​|Yes/​No|''​regexp''​ parameter supports both, ''​file_regexp''​ parameter supports non-global expressions only|
 +|:::​|logrt.count[] ​      ​|:::​|:::​|:::​|
 +|:::​|proc.cpu.util[] ​    ​|:::​|No |''​cmdline''​ parameter|
 +|:::​|proc.mem[] ​         |:::​|:::​|:::​|
 +|:::​|proc.num[] ​         |:::​|:::​|:::​|
 +|:::​|sensor[] ​           |:::​|:::​|''​device''​ and ''​sensor''​ parameters on Linux 2.4|
 +|:::​|system.hw.macaddr[] |:::​|:::​|''​interface''​ parameter|
 +|:::​|system.sw.packages[]|:::​|:::​|''​package''​ parameter|
 +|:::​|vfs.dir.count[] ​    ​|:::​|:::​|''​regex_incl'',​ ''​regex_excl'',​ ''​regex_excl_dir''​ parameters|
 +|:::​|vfs.dir.size[] ​     |:::​|:::​|''​regex_incl'',​ ''​regex_excl'',​ ''​regex_excl_dir''​ parameters|
 +|:::​|vfs.file.regexp[] ​  ​|:::​|:::​|''​regexp''​ parameter|
 +|:::​|vfs.file.regmatch[] |:::​|:::​|:::​|
 +|:::​|[] ​  ​|:::​|:::​|:::​|
 +|**[[:​manual/​config/​items/​itemtypes/​snmptrap|SNMP traps]]**|^ ​ ^^^
 +^ |snmptrap[] ​ |Yes|Yes|''​regexp''​ parameter|
 +|**[[:​manual/​config/​items/​item#​item_value_preprocessing|Item value preprocessing]]** ||Yes|No|''​pattern''​ parameter|
 +|**[[:​manual/​appendix/​triggers/​functions|Trigger functions]]**|^ ​ ^^^
 +^   ​|count() ​    ​|Yes|Yes|''​pattern''​ parameter if ''​operator''​ parameter is //regexp// or //​iregexp//​|
 +|:::​|logeventid()|:::​|:::​|''​pattern''​ parameter|
 +|:::​|logsource() |:::​|:::​|:::​|
 +|:::​|iregexp() ​  ​|:::​|:::​|:::​|
 +|:::​|regexp() ​   |:::​|:::​|:::​|
 +|**[[:​manual/​discovery/​low_level_discovery#​discovery_rule_filter|Low-level discovery]]** ||Yes|Yes|//​Filter//​ field|
 +|**[[:​manual/​config/​notifications/​action/​conditions|Action conditions]]** ||Yes|No|In //​matches//,​ //does not match// options for //Host name// and //Host metadata// auto-registration conditions|
 +|**[[:​manual/​web_monitoring#​configuring_a_web_scenario|Web monitoring]]** ​  ​||Yes|No |//​Variables//​ with a **regex:** prefix\\ //Required string// field|
 +|**[[:​manual/​config/​macros/​macro_functions|Macro functions]]**|^ ​ ^^^
 +^   ​|regsub() |Yes|No |''​pattern''​ parameter|
 +|**[[:​manual/​web_interface/​frontend_sections/​administration/​general#​icon_mapping|Icon mapping]]** ||Yes|Yes|//​Expression//​ field|