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15 Zabbix sender dynamic link library for Windows

In a Windows environment applications can send data to Zabbix server/proxy directly by using the Zabbix sender dynamic link library (zabbix_sender.dll) instead of having to launch an external process (zabbix_sender.exe).

The dynamic link library with the development files is located in bin\winXX\dev folders. To use it, include the zabbix_sender.h header file and link with the zabbix_sender.lib library. An example file with Zabbix sender API usage can be found in build\win32\examples\zabbix_sender folder.

The following functionality is provided by the Zabbix sender dynamic link library:

int zabbix_sender_send_values(const char *address, unsigned short port,const char *source, const zabbix_sender_value_t *values, int count,char **result);
char **result);`{.c}

The following data structures are used by the Zabbix sender dynamic link library:

typedef struct
           /* host name, must match the name of target host in Zabbix */
           char    *host;
           /* the item key */
           char    *key;
           /* the item value */
           char    *value;
       typedef struct
           /* number of total values processed */
           int total;
           /* number of failed values */
           int failed;
           /* time in seconds the server spent processing the sent values */
           double  time_spent;