9 What's new in Zabbix 5.0.4


New integrations

New integrations are now available allowing to use the webhook media type for pushing Zabbix notifications to:

See the full list of available webhooks.

Support of non-trigger events

In addition to trigger-based notifications, webhooks can now send notifications about discovery, active agent auto-discovery, and internal events.

Retrieving HTTP response headers

It is now possible to retrieve HTTP response headers from the CurlHttpRequest object in webhooks.


Host menu in web monitoring

The host menu is now available when clicking on the host in the web monitoring page.

Aggregate item helper

The item key selector for aggregate items in the frontend now lists all available aggregate keys (grpavg,grpmax,grpmin,grpsum) and their descriptions.

Oracle monitoring

Oracle Database monitoring is now available via the Zabbix agent 2 with a new Oracle monitoring plugin. For more information, see:

A new official template is also available for faster deployment of monitoring:

  • Template DB Oracle by Zabbix agent 2 - Oracle Database monitoring via Zabbix agent 2.

Agent 2 as Windows service

Zabbix agent 2 on Windows now can be run as Windows service.

Second precision for age/duration macros

Several built-in macros returning age/duration now return the value with down-to-a-second precision:


Previously these macros returned values with down-to-a-minute precision.