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-==== 1 Getting Zabbix ==== 
-=== Overview === 
-There are four ways of getting Zabbix: 
-  * Install it from the [[install_from_packages#​From_distribution_packages|distribution packages]] 
-  * Download the latest source archive and [[install#​Installation_from_sources|compile it yourself]] 
-  * Install it from the [[containers|containers]] 
-  * Download the [[manual:​appliance|virtual appliance]] 
-To download the latest distribution packages, pre-compiled sources or the virtual appliance, go to the [[https://​​download|Zabbix download page]], where direct links to latest versions are provided. 
-=== Getting Zabbix source code === 
-There are several ways of getting Zabbix source code:  
-  * You can [[https://​​download_sources|download]] the released stable versions from the official Zabbix website 
-  * You can [[https://​​developers|download]] nightly builds from the official Zabbix website developer page 
-  * You can get the latest development version from the Git source code repository system: ​ 
-    * The primary location of the full repository is at https://​​scm/​zbx/​zabbix.git ​ 
-    * Master and supported releases are also mirrored to Github at https://​​zabbix/​zabbix 
-A Git client must be installed to clone the repository. The official commandline Git client package is commonly called **git** in distributions. To install, for example, on Debian/​Ubuntu,​ run: 
-  sudo apt-get update 
-  sudo apt-get install git 
-To grab all Zabbix source, change to the directory you want to place the code in and execute: 
-  sudo git clone https://​​scm/​zbx/​zabbix.git