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10 Redis plugin


This section lists parameters supported in the Redis Zabbix agent 2 plugin configuration file (redis.conf). Note that:

  • The default values reflect process defaults, not the values in the shipped configuration files;
  • Zabbix supports configuration files only in UTF-8 encoding without BOM;
  • Comments starting with "#" are only supported at the beginning of the line.


Parameter Mandatory Range Default Description
Plugins.Redis.KeepAlive no 60-900 300 The maximum time of waiting (in seconds) before unused plugin connections are closed.
Plugins.Redis.Sessions.<SessionName>.Password no Named session password.
<SessionName> - name of a session for using in item keys.
Plugins.Redis.Sessions.<SessionName>.Uri no tcp://localhost:6379 Connection string of a named session.
<SessionName> - name of a session for using in item keys.

Should not include embedded credentials (they will be ignored).
Must match the URI format.
Supported schemes: tcp, unix; a scheme can be omitted (since version 5.2.3).
A port can be omitted (default=6379).
Examples: tcp://localhost:6379
Plugins.Redis.Sessions.<SessionName>.User no Named session username.
<SessionName> - name of a session for using in item keys.
Plugins.Redis.Timeout no 1-30 global timeout Request execution timeout (how long to wait for a request to complete before shutting it down).

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