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Zabbix Meeting Poland is designed to guide you through Zabbix solutions while providing some company background, covering different examples from useful business cases, and letting you know more about the professional services that Zabbix provides in Poland.


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Warsaw may be one of the most rapidly developing cities in Europe, but it’s also a city that likes to look back on its history. The city’s beautifully restored Old Town is enveloped by tall Renaissance and Baroque merchants’ houses in a spectrum of colors. Immediately after World War II the square was rebuilt as it had been, including the bizarre but charming vertical extensions that cap some of the houses.

The WEST GATE Conference Center is a modern conference facility located in the Brama Zachodnia office building in Warsaw, which is located in close proximity to Zawisza Square.

Centrum Konferencyjne WEST GATE

Al. Jerozolimskie 92


March 14, 2024

09:00 Registration and morning coffee
09:30 Overview of Zabbix Monitoring Solution (Polish)
10:30 Get to know Zabbix: team, business model, markets, customers, financial results (English)
11:00 Coffee break
11:15 Learn how Zabbix professional services can make your life easier, plus Zabbix Use Cases (English)
11:45 Introduction to Zabbix Premium Partner Aplitt (Polish)
12:10 Lunch
13:10 Introduction to Zabbix Premium Partner Linux Polska (Polish)
13:30 Introduction to Zabbix Certified Partner Hatomi (Polish)
13:50 Introduction to Zabbix Certified Partner, Vecto (Polish)
14:10 Introduction to Zabbix Certified Partner Wasko (Polish)


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